Alesis QuadraVerb SysEx Information

The QV is a very complex beast when it comes to SysEx.

There are two sources of System Exclusive info for the QuadraVerbs. One source is a home-grown set of documents that were generated by poking SysEx commands at the QV and then dumping it out to see what had changed. (sounds like a boring task, but in 1989 the only way to get the info was through reverse engineering.)

The second source is Alesis, who now has the documents on their Web site.

Try both versions, if applicable, and see which one is clearer for your needs.

Original QV Alesis (MS Word) Bob Page - HTML
QV Plus Alesis - MS Word Bob Page - HTML
QV GT Alesis - MS Word  
QV2 V1 Alesis 9/94 - MS Word (partial) Bob Page - HTML
QV2 V2 Alesis 5/95 - MS Word  
QV2 V3 Alesis 11/95 - MS Word  

Note - the Alesis documents sometimes change locations when they reorganize their site. If you find that the links are broken, please let me know. Thanks.

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