Alesis QuadraVerb 2 SysEx Commands

The memory structure of the Q2 isn't defined here because I don't have a Q2 and nobody has offered the information. However, these commands have been floating around the net:
f0 00 00 0e 0f 03 64 f7  Edit Buffer
f0 00 00 0e 0f 03 65 f7  All User Programs
f0 00 00 0e 0f 03 fe f7  Single User Program
f0 00 00 0e 0f 08 f7     Global Data Dump
From what I know about the way Alesis does SysEx, I think these are a little suspect. From total speculation and a little related experience, I'd guess that the 'fe' byte in "Single User Program" is wrong. Here's why.

A SysEx command string looks like (in hex):

    f0  - SysEx start
    00  \
    00   - Alesis mfr code 
    0e  /
    0f  QuadraVerb 2 ID number
    cc  QuadraVerb 2 command code
    pp  QuadraVerb 2 command code parameter
    dd  data stream (variable length)
    f7  End of SysEx
The command codes would be something like:
    01 Change Parameter
    02 Load Program
    03 Dump Program
The parameters depend on the command. But my guess is to have an external device request a Q2 program dump, it would send the following MIDI sequence to the Q2:
       f0 00 00 0e 0f 03 pp f7
where '03' is the "dump data" command, and 'pp' is the hex parameter:
       00-63  single program, 0-99
       64     edit buffer
       65     all program memory
Which would translate the above to:
      f0 00 00 0e 0f 03 64 f7  Dump Edit Buffer
      f0 00 00 0e 0f 03 65 f7  Dump All Program Memory
      f0 00 00 0e 0f 03 pp f7  Dump Single Program (pp: 00-63)
Anyway, these are the dump commands; there are probably more, for such things as changing parameters (code 01) and loading programs into the Q2 (code 02).

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