Unlocking a Mitsubishi TV

(I provide this information as a service to the Internet community, in the hope that it be used responsibly. I realize that kids may find this page and use it to get around their parent's wishes. However, for seven years, I had this page hidden from the general web -- you needed to email me for the URL. In May 2003 I did some web surfing and found that any kid who wanted to defeat the Mitsu parental lock could easily find the info online. Meanwhile, older folks, not as Web search savvy, were at their wit's end, emailing me for help because a power spike caused their TV to be locked, or because the TV they picked up at the garage sale had the inputs locked and nobody knew the codes. I decided it was better to provide the complete information easily and quickly to those that need it, because those that shouldn't have it already had other ways of getting the information.)

Because of my Mitsubishi TV Service Modes page, I get a lot of questions asking how to defeat the lock on Mitsubishi TVs.

The correct answer is "see the user manual which explains how to do it" but I understand that not everyone has their original manual. If you really want to defeat the lock, and you have permission/authorization to do so (i.e. you aren't trying to defeat your parent's lock) then something on this page should help:

IF your TV is shutting off just seconds after you see the "locked" screen, you've got some kind of advanced lock that isn't in my manual. But here's how to de-activate it:

  1. Turn on the TV and wait for it to auto off
  2. Press "Chan+"
  3. Press "Chan-"
  4. Turn on TV
Once the TV is on, you can permanently de-activate the child lock using the instructions below.


Here are the instructions for most 'normal' locks.

To permanently unlock the channel (or input, or TV):

  1. Press the MENU button to view the main MENU. Use the ADJUST and ENTER buttons to navigate to:
    1. Advanced Features
    2. Use Parental Lock
    3. Lock the TV
  2. When the TV is asking you for the personal code, Press the "QV" and "9" buttons on the remote control simultaneously. This will turn off the lock.


What if you don't have the original remote?


What if none of the above worked?

I do not have a list of universal remotes that do or don't work - if yours does or doesn't, let me know and I'll add the info here so others can benefit. From my email, I guess a lot of people no loger have their original remote!


If these instructions didn't work for you, I can't help. You'll have to contact Mitsubishi service. But I would appreciate knowing if the instructions fail to work - perhaps Mitsu has changed the procedure on some TVs.

Bob Page, Last changed: May 30, 2003