QuadraVerb Patch Library

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These patches will load into a QV or QV+. I cannot vouch for the memory architecture of the QV GT or the Q2, so I don't know if they will work there. Try them and let me know!

WARNING from Karl Schmidt: There is a problem with the Quadraverb series MIDI system exclusive data communications which in very rare cases, can cause the Quadraverb to lock up if there are communication problems. Switching the Quadraverb off and on will not fix the problem. The only way to resolve the problem is to press the program and bypass buttons down as the Quadraverb is turned on, and to hold them down until the unit displays the edit buffer patch. This will initialize all programs and settings to their factory defaults.

Individual patches

Each of these patches is stored in its 155-byte SysEx format. They are all set up to load into the EDIT BUFFER, and thus will not overwrite your programs unless you STORE them. They should be loadable using any generic system exclusive program.

Patch Banks

Each of these files is 14708 bytes, and contains 100 patches. They are stored in SysEx format, ready for loading. Note! They will overwrite your QV memory.

Patch Charts

Pete Lyall posted a list of the names of the 100 factory preset patches for the Alesis MIDIverb III.

Patch Tools

Note that there are tools available for manipulating QV patches.

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